Innovative state-of-the-art project

CYCBTH | July, 2012

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), a mega infra-structure project, has been placed as the second most-innovative project among the 100 most innovative projects as per the Global advisory firm KPMG. DMIC is one of the most ambitious projects to be undertaken in India in recent years. A massive $90 billion project that envisages the transformation of a large tract of land stretching across nearly 1,500 km and linking the two metros (Delhi and Mumbai) aims to boost industrial and economic development in the country. It is planned on the lines of the Tokyo-Osaka industrial corridor. According to a Union Commerce Ministry official the corridor within five years of its completion will deliver a 15% increase in employment, a 28% increase in industrial output and 38% increase in exports. On the other hand, approximately 180 million people (14 percent of the population of the region) will be affected by the corridor’s development.