Proportionates of Executives for salaries in crores in India in 2009-10

Mrinmoy Dey and Amir Hossain | October, 2011

It may be perceived that MNCs provide the highest compensation to their executives but in reality it's the family run corporate houses who lead the tally with huge margin when it comes to paying salaries in crores. The above charts reveal that more than 85% executives who are paid annual remuneration of at least Rs 1 crore in India, are those who are working in a company controlled by family. The remaining 15% executives are working in companies run by non-family entities such as institutions and trusts including MNCs and PSUs. In actual terms, there are 411 out of 443 executives (who received more than Rs 1 crore salary) working in a family promoted business. In 2009-10, non-family based companies have paid annual remuneration of more than Rs 1 crore to only 41 out of 265 executives.