"Founders create a company. Others transform it"

Sayan Ghosh | January, 2011

Pritish Nandy’s journey as an entrepreneur started in September 1993, when he along with his wife Mrs. Rina Pritish Nandy incorporated the coveted Pritish Nandy Communications (PNC). PNC has received largesse of awards, not only in India, but internationally as well. Always striving for creativity par excellence, he got his wife Rina Nandy along with him, to work shoulder to shoulder to form this marvelous organization. Today Rina Nandy looks after the wellness operations along with other directors and Pritish Nandy provides the creative inputs.

What kind of transition has the industry seen over the years?
Pritish Nandy:
The fundamental change in the entertainment business is that we are increasingly addressing a larger and larger audience every year, which is redefining the very nature of the content being produced. Excellence is constantly under pressure and popularity invariably means addressing the larger taste. The best movies we make in India rarely get rewarded by the box office and what the box office rewards are not always a stuff that would win an award.

What measures are you taking to make the company as the leading brand of India?
Rina Nandy:
PNC believes in excellence. That is what defines our work, our brand.
Pritish: Maybe it’s not where everybody else wants to be. But that’s fine with us. I think quality is what separates the men from the boys in every business. Being the founder-chairman, how have you divided the responsibilities among family members? Pritish: Rina oversees wellness operations which are run by a group of excellent professionals. Pallab Bhattacharya, our CEO, Rangita and Ishita, my daughters, and the Corporate Leadership Team at PNC are perfectly capable of looking after the movie business on their own. I only provide creative ideas and show directions.

How does the stiff competition affecting the market of PNC?
There’s lots of competition in the business, lots of rivalry. But that’s fine. It helps us to hone our skills and expertise, and to stay ahead of the rest. Rina: In any case, our films are different; so are our aspirations and our expectations from the business.

What transformation did the company went through under your leadership?
It is too young a Company for any transformation. Founders create a company. Others transform it.

What marked the turning point of the company?
I think the decision to move away from TV to movies was crucial and taken at the right time.

Have presence of each other eased the way you lead the company?
Of course Rina’s presence has helped. She has a quiet, soothing presence that certainly matters in the hysteric melee of the creativity business. As for 2 and 2, in my world make 22.

What are your upcoming projects?
We are in the process of finishing four small but remarkable films. We have also scripted and are ready to go on the floor with four new and bigger films.
Pritish: These are all typically PNC films. We are making sequels to four of our best known films: Kaante, Pyar Ke Side Effects, Jhankaar Beats and Chameli. Even Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi may have a sequel. While Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena is being animated by a US Company.