"Young people are always willing to change"

Vice Chairman & CEO of Zensar Technologies, Ganesh Natarajan | April, 2012


Vice Chairman & CEO of Zensar Technologies Limited of RPG Group, Ganesh Natarajan is one of the most successful professionals in the country's IT industry. During his stint with Aptech Limited, a global retail and corporate training company, the company's revenues increased considerably fifty times was listed on both BSE and London Stock Exchange. He has also authored many books on Business Process Reengineering and Knowledge Management.
Zensar featured amongst Fortune’s top 10 global Offshore outsourcing companies from India. How had Zensar Technologies charted its density?
It was in 2001 when Zensar started becoming a software vendor after shutting down our hardware assistance system. Now, we are ranked amongst India's top 20 software services companies by NASSCOM and are operational in more than 21 countries. 
What changes you have brought in Zensar over these years?
The main changes that we have done are included in 'the five act' - (i) The first step was enabling people to think fast; (ii) very strong focus in a particular area; (iii) increasing flexibility in terms of workplace, role of the employees; (iv) collaborating culture with organisational hierarchy (v) five point Green agenda towards creating ecological sustainability. Moreover, we have initiated an annual Vision Community exercise where selected employees from all levels join in after-hours brainstorming session to identify ideas that could lead to new products or services.
We are focusing on using social media and mobility solutions and we have a major partnership with Google in this matter which would enable employees to collaborate with each other easily. Over the next one year we want to encourage 30% of our employees to spend 2-3 days in a week working from home with the same enthusiastic level. 
What hurdles have you faced after implementing these changes in the company?
Young people are always willing to change. But sometimes what might come in the way could be the middle management who are used to a certain working style and might not be comfortable with everybody having access to everything. We also faced similar hurdles during transformation. 
What are the future plans of Zensar and are there any new tie-ups in the pipeline?
We want to further strengthen our partnership with Microsoft and Google. We are also looking at the tie-ups with small business solutions companies which have similar kind of architecture. We have three to four new tie-up in the pipeline and we are looking at subsidiary in China and UK.