"Open market is indeed good for any country"

Harshita Singh | July, 2012

Amitabh Taneja has founded Images Multimedia Pvt Ltd in 1992 and has served as its Managing Director. Mr. Taneja serves as the Chairman of Images Fashion Forum and India Retail Forum which host India's leading industry conferences in these fields. He serves as Director ICSC India by the International Council of Shopping Centres, New York. Mr. Taneja has been Non Executive Independent Director of Provogue (India) Limited since October 20, 2005.

Tell something about Images Group.
A retail intelligence organisation with publications, research, education, events, awards and retail support services, the IMAGES Group (established in 1992) has played a vital role in organising fashion and retail businesses in India and has successfully set up an information exchange via media.
How your retail magazine is different from other magazines, which talks about retail and textile in a different manner?
We cover every aspect of retailing especially shopping center, food, fashion and many more on the same horizons. Our magazine is basically for those people who are well-connected with the retail sector. Moreover, we organize events on fashion, food, textile and beauty but everything on retail related only.
Do you have an online portal for shopping?
On line portal is extension of our magazine and events, which basically covers researches on retailing. Our site www.indiaretailing.com is designed as an exceptional online interface aimed at the retailing community across the world, providing a wide analysis of the business of retail in India. Interactive features such as interviews, chats and business development tools apart, it also contains exclusive and investigative editorial content. Our fast-paced portal is focused and highly dynamic and it has an ambitious philosophy.
Do you only focus on national retail industry or is there any specific plan for global market also?
We have few magazines which are entitled with international companies, and cover global content on retail. For example, Salon International brings a 360 degree know-how of the industry ­— from trends to styles, salon management to new products, news to interviews, merchandising strategies, HR training, and much more. We would like it to be a platform to help and bring joy to the daily creativity in developing the business of beauty, and also to define best practices in this very dynamic retail category. 
How did you play a game to elaborate people about how changes are good or bad?
Our magazines are in market from last 10 years, and every time we put new content to help the people into retail. We are prompting people with good thoughts which are best practices in national and international market. Biggest change that I have witnessed in retailing is shopping malls from few high street markets like South extension and Bandra linking road. We have done extensive research on how malls will be benefited out of India and vice-versa. At present, there is an intriguing debate on allowing FDI in the retail industry in India. As far as my opinion on the subject matter is concerned, allowing FDI in retail would be a good positive move which would eventually benefit India and the Indian consumers more than anyone else. Consumers in India will get new products, new ideas of business, maximum profit, better pricing, better services and further employment. Open market is indeed good for any country.
What is the future of retail market?
Now people think that retail is very tough business, but once corporate realise that there is great opportunity, more and more people will be attracted towards the industry.