"Being a woman, I have witnessed advantages like less rudeness"

Amir Hossain | July, 2012


Vidya Srinivasan is Senior Vice President and the Infrastructure & Logistics Leader for Genpact. In her earlier role, she was a Senior Legal Counsel at Genpact. 
What were the major challenges that you have faced during your long journey?
Starting my career as a lawyer, ‘what is next to do’ has always been remain as a challenge. At the same time, building and upgrading new skills with the pace of constant change is another challenge. Building new skills in yourself and helping your subordinates to acquire all those skills are very necessary as it helps to do new things in the most convenient way and it helps to keep yourself motivated.
What factors do you attribute to the success of Genpact?
As we know that human resources is the main factor for the success of any organisation especially in the BPO industry. So, we take lot of chances on people. We would like to set a crazy target for every employee to achieve our as well as employee’s goal. 
How has strong Six Sigma background helped you in building strong processes based on the Genpact's commitment to Integrity, Compliance, Controllership and Data Security?
Six sigma always helps us to make proper structure for what we do. Being a BPO organisation, we need to deal with a lot of data and need to work across the globe. So, Six Sigma is very necessary in such an industry to bring Integrity, Compliance, Controllership and Data Security.
Regarding safety concern for women in working environment, what are the steps being taken by Genpact?
This is a completely misstating fact that women harassment is a problem of only BPO industry. The problem exists even in government organisations but people perceive BPO industry unsafe for women as it is working in an unusual way. There are few things that we have implemented in Genpact to ensure additional security. We ensure that every cab drops employees next to the door. Moreover, Genpact has strong policy on compliance and integrity and we have a process called ombuds person where any employee can complain for any kind of problems. 
Have you faced any kind of gender specific discrimination being a woman?
As such I have not faced any challenges or biasness being in top management. Instead of that I have witnessed advantages like less rudeness that people are soft over any issue that a lady is in the room. 
How do you view transformational leadership in your own career and among your peers?
We know very well that change is constant. So we have to constantly change or upgrade our skills with the pace of the change. Without acquiring the required skills, it is very difficult to be successful. Moreover, when there is change, resistant comes automatically. But somehow at some level resistant is good as it helps to scrutinize the whole issue.
What kind of leader are you?
I do always believe in democracy. So, I am very much liberal to my colleagues or peers or subordinates. If someone comes with a new idea then I appreciate them after having an detailed discussion on that particular issue.