"Indian environment is dynamic while the Western one is mechanic"

Ganesh Kumar Roy | July, 2012

How did your journey at Beetel started?

I was thinking of coming back to India after working for so many years abroad. Eventually, I wanted to join an organization which has the potential to grow in a more challenging environment. Then I got an offer from Bharti group which was very interesting to join.
How is your experience as Executive Director and CEO of Beetel?
So far the journey has been great. I enjoy every bit of my work life. The work here is very challenging and dynamic. Beetel today is in a point of major transformation where I have to take several strategic decisions which is making it more challenging and enjoyable.
When we talk about India, how much the working culture and environment of India different from rest of the world?
Indian environment is a lot more dynamic while the Western environment is mechanic where you know everything like directions, stores inventory and many more. In India, you have to keep a close eye on each and every step of work. In India, work is done more on a relationship which does not exist in the west. People come for a purpose and after completion they move their respective ways. India has a very younger demography which makes it more challenging to work and take decisions.
In your corporate career whichtask was most difficult for youand why?
The most critical factor in business is people. You may have a great idea and incite to execute that but if you do not have the right people to accomplish that then your idea remain an idea. So, the biggest challenge for any leader is how he/she communicates the idea with people and makes it a reality.
What kind of governmental hurdles industry faces?
It is very easy to blame government but I think it is the responsibility of both the corporate and the government to go hand in hand. The industry is growing and it will reach full potential in the coming years.
What kind of leader are you?
I do believe in trust and relationship. If you trust your subordinates and vise-versa then your communication become much faster and engagement which provides the maximum output.