"I believe in hiring the best people and leading them by example"

Nidhi Gupta | July, 2012

What did prompt you to start a company like Flingo?

When I was leaving BitTorrent, I had a small group of friends who were best in the internet industry. We looked at how far the Internet had penetrated our lives: in our home and work. There was one space left which was untouched by Web technology: the television. So, we set up a company called Flingo (www.flingo.tv, @flingotv on twitter). The television experience and related business model has largely been unchanged for 70 years. So, we are building software into the television which will bring internet content into the viewing experience, so that people can easily share your favorite moments with friends or find out more about their favourite actors or easily find great things to watch. We think television presents a huge opportunity because its still the primary way people are entertained and informed… and its ripe for innovation and improvement.
You have worked in many companies before starting your own venture. How did it help you in terms of building block for the start up?
Working in different organizations has helped me understand the importance of culture. It is critical to identify your company's core values and make them clear to everyone who joins. I also think that it is important for every entrepreneur or executive to understand where your company sits in its evolution, and the type of people you need to have on your team to succeed at that stage of development. 
How was your experience as President and Co-founder of BitTorrent.inc?
It was amazing. It was extremely gratifying to work on a product used by so many people. We were inspired by both the positive and negative feedback we would get from our users, and from the opportunity to impact the way millions of people get their media and entertainment. Morover, handing the nagging legal issues as well as ISP related issues was quite challenging and unique experience.  
What kind of leadership style do you prefer to exercise?
I follow a very simple mantra of leadership, which is to hire the best people and lead them by example. If you want your people to have certain values, or exhibit certain characteristics, then you need to live and breathe those same things yourself.