America's Highest Paid CEOs

Who are the highest paid CEOs in US and how they fare

Women leaders in Fortune 500 companies

Contrary to populist perception, gender gap not only exists in India but can be seen among the Fortune 500 companies

Leadership gap in India

Leadership gap in India

Effectiveness of change management

Effectiveness of change management plays a pivotal role to enhance the success of any project

Change management practices

Prosci's sixth global benchmarking study, since 1998, reports the insights and lessons learned from business leaders and change professionals in 575 organisations across 65 countries

Growth vs New Products/services

The main objective of any corporate entity is to maximise their shareholders’ wealth

CEO (chief executive officer) turnover across the globe

According to a study by Booz & Company, 11.6% of the world’s 2,500 biggest publicly listed companies got new bosses in 2010

Comparative ROCE of Family and Non-family based Firms

Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) is a ratio that indicates the efficiency and profitability

Survival Rate of Family Business in India and US

Conflicts among family members in family run businesses are very familiar not only in India

Proportionates of Executives for salaries in crores in India in 2009-10

It may be perceived that MNCs provide the highest compensation to their executives but in reality it's the family

Net worth of Nifty listed companies

Similar trend is seen for NIFTY too. Out of 50 companies listed in NIFTY, around 33% are family owned business

Net worth of Sensex listed family and non-family run businesses

How Indian family owned firms have fared as compared to their counterparts with fragmented shareholding structure in different parameters ranging from size of the firm, profitability and remuneration?