"looking at assets which has stable leadership"

Gaurav Marya is a born entrepreneur. He started his first Business at the age of 16 and over the years has started and sold some 15 other businesses ranging from mobile phones, career advisory

"Not looking out to acquire"

Myntra was established by Mukesh Bansal in February 2007. Bansal is an IIT alumni, and has worked for several start-ups. Myntra.com was announced as a winner of the Red Herring Global 100 award

"organic growth is more important"

Diljeet Titus is Founder of Titus & Co. Advocates and Chairman of the Northern Region of Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce

"Integration is an important aspect”

Sanjay Chamria founded Magma Fincorp Ltd. in 1988, along with Mayank Poddar. As the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Magma, he anchors policy formation

"Future consolidations of Indian acquisition are on cards"

Nitin Sood is the Group CFO at PVR, one of India's leading Filmed Entertainment Companies. He has played a key role in building the organisation

Leadership Synergies

Globalisation has change the complete facet of global economy which is currently categorized by multi-directional flows of products, services, people, ideas and capital.


With so much being discussed on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it’s easy to confuse Corporate Philanthropy with Corporate Charity

Leadership Factoty

It's still naive in India, but many companies have understood the importance of right mentoring and many have went steps ahead and realised the need of two way mentoring

Global Indian Corporate Leaders

A subcontinent with over billion people, 22 official languages, 6 major religions with different taste and preferences, forms a perfect glass house to grow a 21st century’s global corporate leader!

“Exhaustive research does not really guarantee any success"

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Sashi Reddi, carves deep in his memories and relives his splendid voyage of embarking several start-ups

“India & Japan started at same time – achievements differ”

The golden jubilee man of Dubai, Dr. Ram Buxani, Founder & CEO, ITL group dissects the Indian economy viz-a-viz middle-east

"CEO’s biggest challenge is attracting and motivating great leaders"

Dinesh c. Paliwal, President and CEO of Harman International (NYSE:HAR) expresses his concerns in the light of the nearing global economic slowdown and reveals his future plans

"There was no concept of project financing in India"

Suresh Kumar Virmani, Managing Director of Bhawan Engineering Group, candidly talks about his intriguing journey from India to Oman

“In India, simple things don’t work well most of the time"

Pioneer of the ethernet networking technology, Kanwal Rekhi, shares his views on differences in entrepreneurial environment in the US and India

“I was fortunate to work under the Clinton Administration"

Kevin S Parikh, Founder & CEO of Avasant – an IT and Business Process Outsourcing company, reveals how Avasant sailed through the financial crisis period

“one deposit in your savings account could make you a millionaire”

Priya Haji, Founder of World of Good and SaveUp successfully synergises entrepreneurship with social responsibility. Excerpts from the interview

“It is hard to identify talent and even harder to retain them"

Rajiv Lulla with 20 years plus experience in corporate world elucidates the secret of transiting across various sectors and cultures

"I believe in hiring the best people and leading them by example"

Co-Founder and Ex-President of BitTorent, Ashwin Navin frankly discusses that how previous experiences helped him to make a mark in Internet TV industry through Flingo

"Indian environment is dynamic while the Western one is mechanic"

Former MD of sony europe and current Executive Director and CEO of Beetel, Mohit Parasar enunciates the differences in the european and indian working environment

Corporate Transformers

Transformational leaders can effectively increase organisational efficacy. But this idiosyncratic facet of leadership is ignored time and again. Mrinmoy Dey of CYCBTH explicates why an organization must evolve and transform in order to sustain in this corporate world

"Young people are always willing to change"

In an exclusive interview with Mrinmoy Dey, Vice Chairman & CEO of Zensar Technologies, Ganesh Natarajan highlights the power of empowerment in transformational programs and performance enhancement

“You have to see both sides”

MK Anand, CEO of UTV Broadcasting shares the recent rebranding strategies adopted by UTV to cater to market demand to Sray Agarwal

"our biz model was different"

Ex MD of Maruti, Jagdish Khattar explores in an interview with Sray Agarwal – what motivated him to leave maruti and to start Carnation Auto

“Titan stands for something big”

Founder and MD emeritus of Titan Industries, Xerxes Desai, travels back in time and reveals how he built the brand 'Titan' out of nothing in an exclusive interview with Sray Agarwal and Charu

“The Pros and Cons should be debated, differences settled”

Govind shrikhande, MD, shoppers' stop, in an interview with Charu talks about his leadership odyssey of repositioning the company into the lap of luxury brands

“Change is inevitable if the company aspires to survive”

Replying to Charu of CYCBTH, former MD and ceo of mercedes-benz wilfried Aulbur talks about how change is difficult to impose in all cultures and is a threat to the positions of entrenched players

“Things may not be successful at times”

Rajeev Karwal, Founder and Managing Director of Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions turns the pages of his corporate journey back and forth in front of Mrinmoy Dey and Charu

“Leadership is all about transformational change”

Founder and chairman emeritus of Infosys, N R Narayana S Murthy, divulges the way he transformed Infosys in an exclusive interview with Sray Agarwal and Nidhi Gupta

"There is no bickering among us..."

Five Directors of Emami Group in a discussion with Sray Agarwal and Sayan Ghosh, share how they are trying to create a synergy that would drive the company to a new zenith

“We never had any strike, any lockout..."

In an exclusive interview with Sray Agarwal and Sayan Ghosh, R S Agarwal and R S Goenka, Joint Chairman - Emami Group, talk about the past, the present and the future of Emami Group

"Founders create a company. Others transform it"

Pritish Nandy - Chairman, PNC and Rina Pritish Nandy - Director, PNC explain to Sayan Ghosh, Why the entertainment and media industry is no longer the same

"We are not aggressive about our international operations"

In an exclusive interaction with Sray Agarwal, Sam balsara - CMD, and Lara Balsara - business development manager of Madison world gets candid and talk about their strategies and international expansion plans!

"We've a common objective to make LINC no 1"

Deepak Jalan and aloke jalan, Managing directors of Linc, in an interview with Sray Agarwal and sayan ghosh at their kolkata office reveal how they plan to make it big in the writing instruments market!

All in the Family

Family businesses are adopting globally practiced management norms and are striving for synergy among the family members on board!